Budget Winter Holiday In Gorski Kotar, Croatia

By doing these fun things, you can make the most out of your trip to Croatia which will be worth it at the end of the day.

Places to visit in Gorski Kotar that are affordable

There are many places to visit during the holidays when you choose to go to Gorski Kotar on a budget. Here are the following places that are a must-visit:


Risnjak is one of the tallest mountains to climb, scaling a towering 1528 meters from the ground up. Croatia has many mountains to hike, and Risnjak is definitely one of the terrains you have to visit.

The road to Crni Lug will lead you to the Risnjak National Park which is home of the most lush forests and wetlands that turn white when the snow comes. It’s best experienced during the winter months because the feel of the mountain becomes completely new in a magical way.

Furthermore, the cost of lodging and food is affordable because all the ingredients used for cooking are all natural to the mountain itself. Lodging is also considerably cheaper than the city hotels because the areas are already built into the mountains that have been stationed for a long time.

Photo by Filipa Beroš from Pexels

Zeleni Vir

During the winter, the waterfalls of Gorski Kotar-Zeleni Vir freezes and becomes this incredible glacier that unfreezes when spring comes. Its neighbouring forests are also worth going during the winter because the snowflakes touch the leaves like raindrops do during a rainy season.

Zeleni Vir may not be optimal for the winter season because of the heavy mass of water that freezes during the winter, but it’s still a beautiful site to visit when you want to solely view the scenery of its wonderful stature.

Photo by zelenivir.com.hr


The beautiful landscapes of the town of Delnice will greet you with the most heart-warming people you will ever meet, and the landscapes of the area are surrounded by heavy snow during the latter months at the end of the year.

While towns folks will warm your visit despite the harsh cold, and the amenities and restaurants you can enjoy there are best for your budget holiday. No one is stopping you from getting an amazing vacation with the budget that you have in Delnice, and you’ll remember the town’s ski slopes that you can also do when you’re free from sightseeing different monuments and infrastructures.

Photo by Filipa Beroš from Pexels
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