Jobs in demand in the coming decade

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Choosing university subjects or job security?

Inventors A new Nesta research identifies the most in-demand jobs in 2030. Identifying the current and future talents and experience recruiters seek.

It depicts the job market in the next decade and beyond, taking into account variables like automation, urbanization, and an aging population.

Check your employment security or retrain for future success. Here are the ten best careers.

The work market in 2030 will be revealed by the innovation company Nesta. Experts predict the most in-demand jobs for the next decade and beyond.


The future workforce will require both broad knowledge and specialized abilities. So we’ll need teachers of English, history, and philosophy to prepare future employees.


Teachers and other public sector occupations score well against automation in the Nesta report. Interpersonal abilities are still beyond the grasp of robots.

Athletes’ Rehab

Millennials prefer 24-hour gyms over nightclubs. To help us with our core exercises, Sports Therapists can help with our hammies, and Nutritionists can help us with our protein drinks.


Local, authentic, and specialist products and services will cost more. So coffee roasters, butchers, and barbers will help revive high streets.

Expert Craftsmen

Automation will erode manual labor. By the time that Toyota robot pours a glass of juice, tradespeople are probably safe. The report predicts jobs for skilled tradesmen including joiners, glass makers, and decorators throughout the next decade.

Catering and Hospitality Pros

Consumers will demand novel dining and tasting experiences, fueling the business. They have the most sought-after future skills: creativity, flexibility, and management.


City living and working is becoming more popular. Engineers will be needed to wire smart homes, construct roadways, link lamps to the internet, and power them when the oil runs out. But Sales Engineers, with their in-demand technical knowledge of goods and markets, win the survey.

Healthcare Workers

As we live longer, we will need more Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Physiotherapy Assistants. But as medical and living conditions improve, we may be able to enjoy our golden years. Lessons, jobs, and cultural awareness in our 80s and 90s. They’ll also monitor heart rates, blood glucose levels, and sleep habits.


It’s not just us. With 44% of UK households owning a pet, we will need somebody to look after our furry pets. Veterinary Nurses will be in demand during the next decade.


Recruiters will search for salespeople with creativity, flexibility, and management abilities. And when cities grow and high streets return, shoppers will want to speak to real people. Stupid self-checkout bots.


For now, flannel-shirted artists are safe. Easy access to roles for designers, marketers, and writers. They’ll also play with roles. For example, game designers may teach communities how to prosper with new technologies. View all arts jobs on Monster.

Don’t worry if you can’t draw: creativity is the ability to solve difficulties. So it can be used for future jobs.

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