How to Prolong Your Battery Life

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Our cellphones are smarter and more versatile than ever. They let us surf the web, check our emails, play games, navigate, and download apps. But it drains our battery.

If only they could make it till dinnertime.

But don’t worry if you’re one of the millions of users whose battery dies.

Here are a few strategies and tips to help extend the life of your phone. We’ve also chosen some useful accessories.

Don’t overcharge your battery

It turns out that leaving our phones charged overnight damages their batteries.

Because if you leave your phone plugged in after it has reached 100% charge, the battery will start to deplete.

You won’t see a difference right away. Then, after a few years, or even months, its life expectancy will be

So, how much should your phone be charged? Experts advise between 40% and 80% to keep the battery healthy for the phone’s lifetime.

The message is little and often. Maybe turn off your phone at night and bump it before work.

Or charge it before a night out instead of waiting for it to die.

However, experts advise charging the battery from 0% to 100% once a month. This will reset your phone and speed it up.

POD Battery Charger

Carry a cellphone charger with you if you’ll be charging frequently.

The Kayo Maxtar 5200mAh Mobile Power Bank Charger works with iPhone, Windows and Android devices.

One of the best-selling portable power banks is the iMuto 20000mAh. Just remember to bring the right cable!

Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

Turn off Bluetooth on your phone if you aren’t using a Bluetooth device like a smartwatch or Bluetooth headphones.

It will significantly increase it’s life.

Likewise, turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi unless you need it.

Turning off these wireless technologies will offer you hours extra phone time.


While turning off your 3G or 4G connection may feel like a step back in time, it can significantly improve your phone’s life.

Not to worry, most phones have at least two working aerials, so you can still make calls and send texts.

The negative is wading through porridge on the web.

It should double your phone’s battery life, so it might be worth it.

Save battery life

Many current phones have a power saving option.

It may dim your screen, turn it black and white, and severely limit your phone’s functionality.

But it can sometimes double battery life. It’s a lifesaver when the battery is low and you’re far from a charger.

Stop GPS

Most mapping apps utilize GPS to locate you. Sadly, it’s another battery drainer.

Turn off your GPS unless you’re using Google Maps, Citymapper, Foursquare, or another location-based app. It won’t affect your phone’s performance and will save battery life.

Reconfigure your screen

The screen consumes most of your phone’s battery. Phone screens are now bigger, brighter, and clearer than before.

Reduce your screen’s brightness and set it to turn off after 30 seconds.

Also, avoid using an animated screensaver as this will drain your power.

A darker screensaver uses less electricity than a light one.

Remove vibrate

Although less annoying, vibrating your phone uses more battery than ringtones, so turn it off.

Keep your ringtones low to save battery and turn off unnecessary alarm sounds when you hit the screen.

Silence saves battery life. No way to tell whether someone calls or texts you. Yet in dire straits, drastic measures must be

Close any background apps

Many apps continue to run in the background even after you close them.

They may be doing something as simple as locating you so your navigation app opens faster. Also, they may be gathering your data for sale.

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