10 thoughtful £5 presents

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A fantastic present doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some thoughtful gifts that will make someone happy for under £5!

We know – your loved ones are deserving of all your love, devotion, and presents. But sometimes your bank account can’t keep up with your passion.

A framed photo or a quote

Have a photo you think your pal will like? Maybe it’s of you two having a classic bant together. Maybe it’s a #motivationalquote they live by. A framed photo or quote is always a great gift.

They can be pricey, but if you take advantage of most places’ free starting deals, they can be… free (plus P&P). See our guide to free photo printing for the greatest discounts.

iTouch Glove

Buying a gift that they’ll actually utilize is important. Fortunately, if you’re buying a gift in the dead of winter, you can know the recipient will need gloves.

But wait, these gloves can function with touchscreen phones! Finally, you can skip the track without suffering frostbite.

A movie poster they love

This is one of the best presents under £5 you can get them if you know their favorite film.

However, the range on Amazon and Etsy is excellent, with several large posters priced around £5.

Favorite sweets jar

Everyone enjoys a sweet or chocolate. And if the person you’re buying a gift for doesn’t enjoy sweets, don’t buy them one.

The beauty of this present is that you’re simply upcycling and reselling something that’s usually quite affordable.

Simply place the sweets in a jar (which you may already have in the fridge) (wash it out first though). If you don’t have a spare jar, Wilko has dozens of glass containers around £2 that would look great in a hip cafe.

Unique coasters

Unless you’re buying a present for a desert dweller, your receiver will need to drink. And when there’s a drink, a cup waits to ring.

That’s why God created coasters, and you can present your loved one personalised placemats.

Tesco Photo sells a single glass coaster for £5. They may be sent to your local Tesco for free, and then you just need to insert your photos.

A perfumed candle

Contrary to your want tobe-lad pals’ claims, everyone like scented candles. How not? It’s like not wanting to eat great food because it’s nice.

Enough ranting. They come in packaging you’d expect to pay twice the amount for, and the excellent reviews appear to indicate they haven’t skimped on the aroma either.

To enjoy free delivery and save money, sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial.

Homemade sweets

Do you aspire to be a future Mary Berry (in 200 years, or however old she is)? Why not prepare a special treat for your buddy as one of the greatest cheap yet considerate Christmas gifts?

Who cares if you’re not the Star BakerTM, right?

A notebook with a note

Do you know an aspiring novelist, poet, songwriter, or wordsmith? Then a notebook might be the perfect gift.

You may include a handwritten note on the back page telling them how much you admire them (n’awww) or an inside joke you’ve shared. You could even draw if you’re good with a pencil.

How to Grow a Kit

This is a great affordable gift to brighten up a student’s room or inspire them to start producing food at home.

You can achieve this in two ways. One alternative is to buy a grow-your-own kit with the seeds of your loved one’s favorite flower (or herb, if they’re a foodie).

A re-usable cup

Buy your pal a helpful gift while saving the globe. Reusable coffee cups are one of the most budget-friendly eco-gifts.

Coffee establishments often give a discount of up to 50p on your cuppa if you bring your own cup. It’s a double-whammy when you consider how many designs are available on Amazon for under £5.

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