5 of the World’s Most Extreme Sports

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Increasingly, people are looking for speed, adrenaline, and new things to do in their extreme sports. Video clips of extreme downhill skateboarding and street luge started making waves on the internet a few years ago, but that’s just a small part.

They don’t compare to the top adventure sports on this list.


Heli-skiing is when you jump out of a helicopter and go skiing. There are thrill-seekers who do it even more.

There are two types of paraskiing extreme sport: skiing and parasailing. As soon as they get enough speed to make the parasail lift, they’re thrown off the ground and start to soar.

Some parasailers stay in the air for the whole run, while others switch back and forth between sailing and skis. It combines two of the best extreme sports into one extreme sports that is the best of both worlds. They combine paragliding and heliskiing to go even further. This opens up a whole new world of terrain.


If you want to fly like a bird without the help of a machine, you might have to wear a wingsuit.

As with sky diving, the “pilot,” or person who jumps, wears a special suit that makes them look like they’re in the air. These “wings” are on the side of the body and between the legs of this unique suit. It has air pockets on the wings that give the pilot more lift, so they can fall slower and control where they go with great precision.

Wingsuit flying can be done from a helicopter or from a base. Some people get very close to mountainsides and even cruise through ravines in a controlled free fall.


A tightrope could be more difficult to walk on. During the time when that rope isn’t actually taut. Many people at festivals have set up slacklines to show off their skills and give the general public a chance to try this dangerous sport (albeit, without the possibility of falling very far).

It becomes a top extreme sport when it is called “highlining.” It is common for a slackline to be set up high above the ground (between buildings or on a cliff). A slackliner then crosses the line without a safety net or pole to help them keep their balance. The only thing that keeps them safe as the line moves and sways is their strong balance and a small safety harness.

Volcano Boarding/Volcano Surfing

When skiing or sledding on snow isn’t extreme enough, it’s time to go to a volcano that is still going.

Volcano boarding, also known as volcano surfing, involves sliding down the flank of a volcano that is covered in cool cinders or ash. In this case, when we say “ash,” we mostly mean little pieces of sharp volcanic rock.

Riders hike over rocks and rubble to the top of the volcano, where they ride plywood toboggans down the volcano. This makes this extreme sport accessible to everyone. This is an extreme sport. Those who are the best can surf down a slope while standing on a board, though.


When you’re scuba diving, you’re in a situation where you might not be able to breathe if something goes wrong. Most divers have oxygen tanks with them, but some athletes don’t use them and choose to freedive instead.

Freediving is just like a lot of the other extreme sports on this list. A diver goes down with only flippers to help them get back up. They want to go down and up on a single breath of air. This is more than just holding your breath for a long time. The pressure changes, the physical exertion it takes to get back to the surface, and the mental panic that can set in make this more than just holding your breath for a very long time.

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